Indo-Polish Music Project

Beats of Harmony, in Harmony with Diversity of Indo-Polish Cultural Exchange 2021

About Indo-Polish Project
The First International
Music Student-Driven Project


a collaborative work by young artists from Delhi Public School Gurgaon (India) & PACK Schools: VIII Prywatne Akademickie Liceum Ogólnokształcące (Academic High School no 8) & Prywatna Szkoła Podstawowa Academos (Private Academic Primary School) in Kraków (Poland).

DPS Gurgaon



Patronage over The Beats of Harmony, in Harmony with Diversity of Indo-Polish Cultural Exchange Project 2021 from WorldLINK Foundation


Construction is for a purpose but creation is for a revelation of truth through the rhythm of forms. Our collaborative composition “Beats of Harmony, in Harmony with Diversity of Indo-Polish Cultural Exchange” Project  between PACK Schools and Delhi Public School , Sector 45, Gurgaon, is an embodiment of harmony in diversity and a message to all and sundry that music resists containment within boundaries.This concert serves as a metaphor for harmony within diversity which is also mirrored in the date of the event which is UN World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development May 2021.

Beats of Harmony
in a nutshell

Professor Jerzy Waligóra
Founder Principal of VIIIPALO in Kraków, Poland

Ms Aditi Misra
Director Principal of Delhi Public School, Gurgaon 45, India

Ms Sapna Dhawan
Dean Student Welfare, Delhi Public School, Gurgaon 45, India

Ms Anna Krzemińska-Kaczyńska
Deputy Head School Engagements, PACK, Poland

Ms Mamta Kanti Kumar
Deputy Dean Student Welfare, Delhi Public School, Gurgaon 45, India

Mr Divay Dua
Head of Department DANCE & MUSIC

Anna Kubica
PACK schools, Music Teacher, Poland

Justyna Witek
PSP Academos, English Teacher, Poland

Daksh Arora
a student of DPS Gurgaon

The Teaser of Musical extravaganza
– Beats of Harmony

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

Henry Ford

These lines of a quote beautifully encapsulate our Indo-Polish journey with DPS Gurgaon and VIII PALO. We all have witnessed the 7 Fruitful years of friendship, cultural exchange between the two schools. This year again we are honoured to present to you our 7th Rhythm: Beats of Harmony, in Harmony with diversity of Indo-Polish Cultural Exchange 2021.

The project took us almost 3 months and was driven by teachers and talented students from PACK Schools in Kraków, Poland & Delhi Public School Gurgaon in India. It was made possible thanks to visionary Principals who believe in learning & sharing & caring beyond countries- borders NOT ONLY during face-to-face students’ exchanges, but also during these unprecedented times.

Our Students are taking us on an Indo-Polish cultural journey to build the bridges of friendship and understanding and give hope to one another. 

You will find 5 genres of songs in instrumental and vocal versions from Poland and India. Take your time to stop for a while and enjoy this incredible collaboration.

This International Musical Project is a reflection of a gamut of 21st century skills. During this journey our incredibly talented young leaders of tomorrow-s world have engaged in fruitful discussions communicating with clarity and precision, creating, imagining and innovating. Thinking with understanding and empathy, thinking flexibly and thus giving us this collaboration one of its kind.


  • to give students a purpose, in times of unprecedented worldwide change 
  • to learn about the cultural treasures of Polish and Indian music 
  • to create opportunities for Indo-Polish students to bond at the international platform
  • to research 5 selected genres of music: 
    • Timeless song 
    • Folk 
    • Patriotic song
    • Instrumental Piece
    • Disney

Project outcomes

The theme of the project orbits around diversity and it has definitely been influencing students’ actions every step of the way to the final concert.

Selecting five music genres and later songs representative for every genre engaged students in the diverse process of research in libraries (also online) and initiated conversations with senior citizens about national roots, pride and patriotism. Promoting musical talents, exchanging ideas, sharing memories and bringing it all together in the notes of the selected songs revealed the harmonizing impact that music has on people. Music goes beyond country borders and cannot be stopped even in the times of trial (COVID-19 pandemic). Young artists awoke within themselves to be the cultural ambassadors by choosing to sing these songs  and thereby  became the inspiration for their fellow students to explore the roots of their national identity. They did not address only their local community but they reached towards the global audience.

Global Learning Activities


Selecting 43 participants from  the two Partner Schools from India and Poland


Coming up with the title of the project and musical categories within it.


Researching selected music genres and finding an apt song in the following categories:

  • Timeless song 
  • Folk 
  • Patriotic song
  • Instrumental Piece
  • Disney


Vocal and instrumental training with the school music and English teachers


Individual meetings
with soloists and instrumentalists.


Setting up of Indo-Polish zoom meeting and sharing and updating the status of the project.


Indo-Polish students compared and discussed their experiences of exploring the roots of national cultural heritage.


Recording audio and video
materials for the project.


Editing collected materials and putting it together into one final concert film.


Evaluation of the learning outcomes and collecting thoughts about Polish and Indian cultures.


Adding an additional category: “Final Song”, clipping all the voices, languages and project ideas together in singing “ Circle of Life”  & “Hakuna Matata”.


Festival of bonding and sharing on local and global scale the results of the Indo-Polish collaboration within the “Beats of Harmony, in Harmony with Diversity of Indo-Polish Cultural Exchange” Project between PACK Schools and DPS Gurgaon, as an embodiment of harmony in diversity.

Follow up

Students’ work is posted here on a landing page so in the future it will credit each educational and cultural institution.

Students also had an opportunity to present the project to their school communities in Poland and India, as well as through the school social media to the public. Full recording of the final concert as well as clips of particular songs is available for viewing on the website.

 We hope you will enjoy the cross-cultural musical journey with the incredible talents of our students.

BIOS - Polish Music Project



Deputy Head School Engagements, PACK, Poland. A global education and travel zealot.


Music teacher at PACK Schools in Kraków, Poland. Piano and flute player, music therapist working with children and youth with hearing deficits. Fan of anything minimal-from lifestyle, through design to contemporary music.


English teacher at Private Elementary School Academos in Kraków, Poland.
A teacher, a free-lance interpreter, a gospel music singer, a voice emission passionate.
Loves singing, sailing, and embroidering.


Arts and Art History Teacher at PACK Schools in Kraków, Poland. Loves Baroque art and opera.

Young Artists


a pre-IB DP Student, VIII PALO,Kraków, Poland. A young artist, singer & amateur actor. Interested in psychology, biology and music. Loves travelling and people in general. Enjoys learning about cultures and taking part in creative projects.


a pre-IB DP Student, VIII PALO, Kraków, Poland. A young artist, singer, guitar player. Interested in marketing, psychology and of course music! Loves animals and travelling. Enjoys teamwork as well as taking matters into her own hands. Keen on meeting diverse groups of people and learning about their opinions & other cultures.


6th grade student, PSP Academos, Kraków, Poland. A young violinist. Interested in history, travelling and early music. Loves animals-her cat in particular. Has recently developed and pursued a passion for playing the harp.


2nd Grade Student, VIIIPALO, Kraków, Poland. A young classical saxophonist and pianist. Sings in teams and solo, always out of passion. Enjoys discovering the world by travelling and through literature. Interested in biology, psychology, medicine and baking. Full of energy & constantly looks for and takes up new challenges. Loves working with other people & independently strives to achieve her own goals.


a pre-IB DP Student, VIII PALO, Kraków, Poland. A young singer, piano and guitar player. Interested in music, psychology, art and acting. Loves animals, travelling and learning new things about other cultures.


a pre-IB DP Student, VIII PALO, Kraków, Poland. A young classical pianist. Interested in jazz music, circus and origami. Practices acrobatics & enjoys other sports too. Won a few international piano competitions, played in “Belweder” (a president’s palace in Warsaw). He would like to study abroad because he loves discovering new places and meeting new people.

BIOS - Indian Music Project



I love travelling and exploring new places in India and abroad! I like to observe different shades of life and nature through the lens of a camera. Music, gardening and dance are the condiments that are my stress busters. Study of matters is my calling…I am a Chemistry teacher.


I am passionate about travelling to different places, learning about new cultures and meeting new people.  I find this very enriching and stimulating. Learning and teaching German has given me the opportunity to live this passion. As I love the breeze in my face, cycling is my second passion, which I pursue regularly. 


A happy person by nature, I am a believer of LOGAM which means ‘perfect-simple’. Though I cannot sing or play any musical instrument, yet I have an ear for all kinds of music. I mostly enjoy listening to the piano. For me music has the power to transcend barriers and create harmony… connect souls with a bond called friendship or  przyjazn.


I’m a Tagore enthusiast and draw inspiration from his songs and stories. I love watching movies with my family, singing amidst friends, reading with my son and dancing for my soul. Music makes me jubilant and contemplative at the same time. I take keen interest in cooking, especially traditional delicacies of Bengal and Odisha.

Kanti Kumar

I enjoy teaching and want to enthuse young people about Geography and the world today. I love to travel to different countries because not only is it the ultimate adventure but it helps me to understand and appreciate different cultures, celebrate diversity and make friends from across the globe 


I enjoy playing and watching soccer. It has been my favorite sport since childhood. In my free time I love watching movies and documentaries especially based on true stories.


Music is my passion and profession. I always try to  explore creative ideas for my music compositions and new style of singing.  Although Indian Classical vocal music is my forte, I am also drawn towards semi-classical and light form of music and always try to explore the Raga concept in them. Also, I have  keen interest in  audio editing and mixing. 

T Panmei

I love singing and listening to music. Recording and editing music is my new passion.Apart from music I love sports, like Football and Badminton. 


Music is my passion. I always try to use new technology and learn something new which could be relevant in this new age. I  am interested in video editing, sound recording and mixing.


I am interested in classical music and folk music since my childhood. I feel music has a healing touch and has no geographical boundaries. 


I like to explore new forms and styles of  music.  I  like to create music and am also interested in  video editing and mixing. Apart from music and I also like sports  and  gardening.


I am passionate about music since childhood. I listen to music to alleviate my spirit. Apart from music, swimming is my hobby. 


I am a trained  Kathak dancer. This classical dance form is one of the well known dance forms of Northern India. I am passionate about teaching this dance form to young children. 


I believe Music is a universal language and gives peace to the  mind, body and soul. For me, it is a stress buster. Apart from classical music, I like light and soft music. I always try to learn and adopt new ideas of music composition and teach them to my students. 

Young Artists


I have been learning Hindustani Classical since I was 7 I had tried many different hobbies but singing was what that stuck with me. The beauty of music is that it can be incorporated with other hobbies. For instance, I love reading a good book, with nice music is playing in the background. Another good thing about music is that it is universal. You do not have to understand what the musician is saying for you enjoy it. If it makes you feel good, then it is worth listening to . Recently I started to learn sitar. I also love reading, writing poems and creating artworks.


Hi, my name is Aditya Arora. Ever since I was little, I’ve always found something magical about music, and I’m always curious to discover new forms of music from around the world. I also love debating and participating in Model United Nations or observing the magnificence of nature around me. These simple pleasures have allowed me to explore something different each day amidst these difficult times.

Venkata Subramanian

My name is Aishwarya Venkata Subramanian. I love playing the piano and the keyboard. I have been learning instrumental and vocal music from the age of 3. I have also been learning Hindustani Classical and Western music. I like reading  fiction and classic and I am  fond of writing. 


My name is Arinjay Garg. I love playing piano, I’ve been learning it since past 3 years. I also love singing. The kind of music which interests me is  kpop. My hobbies are reading, and gaming. 

Singh Chopra

My name is Bisman Singh Chopra and I am a Tabla enthusiast.  I have  simultaneously  developed an interest in creating fusion music. In spare time I love to write computer codes in C++ and Python. I want to pursue my career in Actuarial Science. 


My name is Charvi Rathi. I am 11 years old. I really like singing and listening to music. My interests are playing basketball, reading books and playing the keyboard


Hi, my name is Daksh Arora. My love for music began when I was seven years old  and started to learn the guitar. I’m a curious to learn to play  new instruments. I am passionate about writing and composing music. I play Jazz, Rock and Indian classical music. I also love playing football and engaging in debate-oriented events like MUNs. 


My name is Dhanviee Misra. I’m  passionate about music and art. I listen to a lot of different genres, my favorites being Jazz, Hip-hop, Soul and Soft rock. I love to sing, compose, write and play the guitar. I am also a huge art enthusiast and enjoy  painting and drawing. 


My name is Drishti Agarwal. I enjoy music and write songs . Whenever I hear music, I feel very elated. I even enjoy adding beats to it. I always look forward to participating in choirs and music events at school. Apart from music, I am interested in 3D modelling and animation and it’s my dream to pursue it as a career. 


Hello! I am Eshannika Mishra and I am 14 years old.  One of my favourite things to do is travel and discover. My hobbies include playing the guitar, listening to music, doing art and crafts, reading books, among many other things.

G. Pranav

Hi I’m Pranav Bharadwaj. I am a vocalist and have been learning Carnatic classical music for the past 10 years. I have started developing a taste for instrumentals and tonal music recently. Other than music I frequently play basketball, participate in debates and read books. Love experiences like this which enrich my days during these trying times.


Gautam Achar, I play the guitar and listen to soulful acoustic songs. I am interested in programming and  gaming.


Hi! I am Geetika! I love baking, & I enjoy listening to music, especially pop. I can’t play any instrument, but I really want to learn  to play the Piano and the Guitar. My hobbies also include playing badminton and gaming. I am a creative & optimistic person.  


My name is Himank Khurana. I am 12 years old.  I like playing Drums. I have also cleared level II in drums. I am also learning coding with White Hat Junior.  I also like listening to English and Hindi songs. They are very melodious and I enjoy them. 


My name is Khwahish Handoo. I am 12 years old. I like listening to a wide variety of musical genres primarily, rock, hip-hop, pop, classical folk, folk fusion etc. I also enjoy listening to kpop. I love music appreciation and I get thrilled by classic rock . Even though I am not trained in vocal music, I enjoy singing out of passion. My hobbies are listening to music and reading graphic novels. 


My name is Mahi Prasad, and I love music. I have been learning classical music from the past 10 years. I also play the piano/keyboard, ukulele, harmonium and know a bit of guitar. I want to become a playback singer. 


My name is Naisha Chauhan, I am in sixth grade . I love music and art. My hobbies are painting and playing the piano.  My favorite genre is Pop music. 


My Name is Nancy Nanda, and music is something I am very passionate about. I have been training in Hindustani classical music for the past 5 years and have recently started learning the piano. Apart from music, I really enjoy photography and reading.


My name is Ojas Sharma and I study in Class 6. I love playing the flute.  I also like to play physical sports like cricket and football. I enjoy coding. 


My name is Parth Sharma, I am a vocalist . I enjoy listening to  Pop music and Soft Rock. I also like to read books on history and fantasy. I am learning computer coding in my free time. 


Music always attracted me. Though I had a guitar at home I never got the time to play it, so during this lockdown I taught myself how to play the guitar. At first it was hard but now I can play the guitar quite well. I also have an inclination to learn vocal music. I am a state level swimmer and have also participated in nationals a few times. My wish is to explore and learn more about music.


Hello, I am Pulkit Sabharwal. Music is my passion and I love playing keyboard. I also love to read fantasy books. My ambition is to pursue Astrophysics and would like to join NASA.I am currently preparing for Trinity School of London Grade 2 in Keyboard Developing computer projects is one of my hobbies. 


My name is Punya Sharma,  I’m a vocalist and hold immense love for Hindustani classical music. I enjoy listening to pianists like Liszt and Debussy and love to explore more about  new artists and genres. Besides being a compulsive reader, I am also  passionate about psychology and environmental studies. 

Sara Vinu

My name is Rhea Vinu and I am 14 years old. I love singing and I play the guitar. I enjoy all kinds of songs- from old and classical, to modern new- age songs. My favourite pastime is to hum, listen to and practice songs over and over or simply just singing along with a karaoke console. I have passed the first level    in playing guitar from Trinity School of London. 


Hello, I am Riddhima Mondal. I sing, learn kathak and sometimes sketch or paint. I enjoy all the genres of music. I mostly follow K-pop. I love how unique it is and I believe music should not have any language barriers. I was gifted a ukulele for my 13th birthday and I am currently trying to learn it on my own. It is quite hard but I am trying my best to master it. 


My name is Ritisha Goyal. I am currently studying in sixth grade. I have been training in  classical dance ( kathak) . My hobbies are to explore  different kinds of arts and  I enjoy  Karoke singing. 


I am Ruth Kothari and I play the violin .  This instrument  plays an important role in Chamber and Orchestral music.  I believe that through hard work and perseverance one can achieve one’s dreams. 


Samya Kasibhatla is a young classical musician, guitarist, self-taught violinist, song/poem writer and an ardent reader. She is fond of sketching and is a fervent artist. Samya has won several music competitions and participated in many events. She is creative and loves exploring new things and meeting people from diverse backgrounds. Her foremost aim is to be a music maestro. 


My name is Shreshth Nigam. I’m always open to learning new things and looking for ways to better myself in my existing interests. I love and enjoy public speaking, MUN’s, debates and compering. As for music I love listening to all genres but my favorites are Classic jazz and old school rock.  


My name is Siddhant Srivastava. I like singing, dancing, playing tabla and keyboard. I also learning classical music . My favorite tabla player is Ustad Zakir Hussian and my favorite singer is Arjit Singh. 


My name is Siddhi Agarwal. I am eleven years old and i am learning indian classical vocal and instrumental music since the age of seven. I enjoy playing harmonium and reading  during my leisure time. The motto of my life is “everyone should live their life to the fullest without any worries!” 


Hi, I’m Srishti Narang. To me, music is solace from the world. Whenever I’m overwhelmed, stressed or low, just putting on my headphones drowns the world out and fills my soul with joy and renewed enthusiasm to face the challenges of life.  I love to sing and enjoy listening to all kinds of music from all over the world. 


My name is Suhaani Dhaliwal. I like to sing, listen and write music and read books. I also play the guitar which I started learning on my own last year during the lockdown. I like Indie Rock and Pop Music. Music helps me to express myself and I would like to pursue it. 


I am Supriya Sundaram a student of ninth grade. My fields of interest include singing, painting, photography, astronomy and travelling. Music comforts me  and I like to listen Classical, Jazz and Hip-Hop music.  


My name is Satwika Tadinada. I am learning kathak -a classical dance form of Northern India and to play violin since last 6 years. My hobbies are painting, baking cakes and listening to music.  


I am Varnika I have been learning dance since I was 5 years old. I am a creative person who paints and compose poems. A selftaught vocalist, I also love to sing and  enjoy  listening  to songs in different languages  from all over the world. 

to the songs & Performance

Poland - songs

Timeless song
“Tyle słońca w całym mieście” / “So much sunshine in the city”

to Timeless song

Text & music
Janusz Kondratowicz & Jarosław

English translation
Justyna Witek

Performed by
solo – Olivia Andrews, 
duet – Olivia Andrews i Wiktoria Biegańska,
backing vocals- Olivia Kalemba, Maria Galos, Wiktoria Biegańska
saxophone- Maria Galos

Why is Anna Jantar recognized as a timeless icon of music in Poland? The range of the artist’s songs is so broad and varied that everyone will find something for themselves; also, the values ​​expressed by Anna Jantar in her songs are timeless: love for the world, hearts open to people, joy of small things – she told about all these in her songs. The song we chose, entitled “So much sun in the whole city (Tyle słońca w całym mieście)”, was written in 1974 and probably no one thought at that time that a real evergreen was born, a hit that will be hummed by many generations. In the 70’s this song was included in the repertoire by many performers. Among them there were Jan Lewandowski (USA), Glenn Weston (Great Britain), Betty Dorsey (Germany), Mara Krievkalne (Lithuania), Mirabella Dauer (Romania) and HanaZagorova (Czech Republic). Anna Jantar’s career lasted slightly over a decade, as the artist died in a plane crash at the age of 29, but she left behind a huge number of songs that are still liked and known to the Poles, probably of all ages, and performed in more and more new arrangements by the following generations of artists.

Folk song
„Zakochani na wiosnę” / "Falling in Love"

to folk song

Text & music
unknown author

English translation
Justyna Witek

Performed by
solo & harmony – Maria Galos
backing vocals- Wiktoria Biegańska, Olivia Kalemba, Olivia Andrews

Polish folk music, created and performed by amateur musicians, developed mainly in the countryside and was closely related to the life of its composers. Music accompanied people during important ceremonies, rituals, holidays e.g. baptisms, weddings, funerals, religious holidays, but it was also commonly performed during everyday work like animal grazing or working in the field. Songs, short chants, dances and instrumental pieces were created, both fast, full of temperament as well as melancholic and full of longing. Folk music was passed on orally from generation to generation – a father taught his sons to play the violin, a grandmother sang songs to her grandchildren and that made the children become familiarized with the folk tunes of their region and they remembered them. Since the pieces of folk music were not written in notes, its authors mostly remain anonymous and the compositions have many versions depending on the region of Poland. Folk music was performed on characteristic instruments that now can be seen and heard at many folk music festivals, which are becoming more and more popular in Poland.

Patriotic song
„Miasto” / „The City”

to patriotic song

Text & music
Zofia Jaworowska, Paweł Lucewicz

English translation
unknown author

Performed by
solo – Wiktoria Biegańska,
accompaniment – Franciszek Słoniowski
backing vocals- Olivia Andrews, Maria Galos, Olivia Kalemba

Due to the complex multidimensional history of the Republic of Poland, thousands of patriotic songs have been written over the centuries. They have been preserved in our culture to this day to evoke both important, happy moments in our history, as well as the difficult and sad fate of occupied Poland.

‘Miasto’ [The City] is a song promoting the film by Jan Komasa, entitled ‘Miasto ’44’ [The City 44], which commemorates the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising. The Warsaw Uprising was an armed uprising by Poles against the German troops occupying Warsaw during the Second World War. It was the greatest resistance movement in occupied Europe, in which many very young people fought and lost their lives, and the vast majority of Warsaw was destroyed.

Instrumental Piece

to instrumental song

Marceli Popławski

Performed by
violin solo – Lilla Bobrowska, PSP Academos
piano accompaniment – Franciszek Słoniowski, VIIIPALO

Mazur is one of the five Polish national dances whose rhythms appear in the Polish national anthem of the ‘Mazurek Dąbrowskiego’ [Dąbrowski’s Mazurka].

It is a cheerful, dynamic dance, and at the same time solemn and elegant, often danced at noble courts.

Mazur was popular among salon dances in the 19th century. It was known and danced all over Europe. In France, it became popular under the name mazurka (in the female genre).

The greatest Polish composers were composing musical pieces using the characteristic features of the mazurka. However, the world-famous are the Mazurkas by Fryderyk Chopin, who had masterfully weaved the soundscape of Polish folk music into virtuoso, emotional piano compositions.

‘Mazur’ by the Polish composer Marceli Popławski was written for the violin, an instrument with a long tradition in Polish folk music.

Disney Song
„Udało prawie się” / „Nearly There”

to Disney Song

Text & music
Randy Newman

Polish translation
Janusz Onufrowicz

Performed by
solo – Olivia Kalemba

Disney productions in Poland are always highly anticipated cinema premieres, and Polish song arrangements immediately hit the top of the charts.

“The Princess and the Frog” is a fairy tale about a girl and a turned-into-a frog prince, who yearns to become human again. The action of the fairy tale takes place in the exhilarating, vibrant jazz soundscape of New Orleans. Karolina Trębacz sings the song ‘Nearly There’ [Prawie udało się] in the Polish language.

India - songs

School Anthem

Students: Aarushi Garg, Eshannika Mishra, Aishwarya Venkata Subramanian, Pulkit Sabhrawal, Siddanth Srivastava, Ojas Sharma, Samya Kashibathla

Teacher: Divay Dua

School Anthem: Bharat ka swarnim gaurav…
The school anthem of DPS Gurgaon , Bharat ka swarnim gaurav … Tamoso Maa Jyotir Gamaya, Lead me from Darkness unto light. 

Timeless song
Ekkla cholo re..

to timeless Song

Students: Punya  Sharma, Dhanviee Misra, Nancy  Nanda, G. Pranav Bhardwaj, Mahi Prasad, Riddhima Mondal

Teachers: Divay Dua, Kaustav Ghosh, Eliah T Panmei

If they answer not thy call, walk alone … Ekkla cholo re, is perhaps the most inspiring song that was ever written on this soil and every word of it followed and revered by the Mahatma himself…. It begets the realisation in you that true strength lies within, echoing Gandhi’s philosophy ” Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Folk song
Kesariya Balam Aavo Ni...

to folk song

Students: Parth Sharma, Prapti Ghose, Rhea Sara Vinu, Suhaani Dhaliwal, Supriya Sundaram

Teachers: Divay Dua, Umashankar Joshi, Ravi Gangani

Mahatma Gandhi had said that India lives in its villages and nothing exemplifies this better than the earthy tunes of folk songs. This folk presentation is a blend of 2 traditional Rajasthani maands(court music) that envelopes us in its richness, and transports us to the royal courts of Rajasthan, where this music is performed to this date. The song Kesariya, welcoming visitors to come and explore ‘Incredible India’ transcending all language barriers and boundaries.

Patriotic song
Qadam Qadam Badhaye Ja...

to patriotic song

Students: Arinjay Garg, Naisha Chauhan, Himank Khurana, Gautam Achar, Geetika Kapoor

Teachers: Divay Dua, Vincent Topno, Rajaindai Panmei, Rupali Sharma

During our freedom struggle, the nation was in need of leaders who could be vocal about the rights of the individual and the aspirations of a nation. The song Qadam Qadam Badhaye Ja, a regimental quick march from the erstwhile Indian National Army led by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose who dared to oppose the British empire through sheer courage and patriotic fervour. Apart from being a patriotic song the lyrics also inspire a sense of service to nation and the community.

Instrumental Piece
Based on Raag Bhupali

to instrumental song

Students: Aarushi Garg, Eshannika Mishra, Ruth Kothari, Bisman Singh Chopra, Aishwarya Venkata Subramanian, Pulkit Sabhrawal, Satwika Tadinada, Siddanth Srivastava, Ojas Sharma, Samya Kashibathla

Teachers: Somesh Mishra

“This heart of mine, companion of the clouds
Sways me beyond the horizon
Through the endless void
Roused by the music of the monsoon
With the beats of the rain drops.”

This translation of a Rabindra Sangeet conveys that music which nature creates is beyond words and thoughts. Our instrumental rendition is an extension of that thought. It is also symbolic of the power of unity in diversity…. Different instruments being in rhythm can create magic and so can diverse cultures and people, bereft of their biases and notions. 

Disney Song
From the film Aladdin: ‘A whole new world’

to Disney Song

Students: Siddhi Agrawal, Charvi Rathi, Rithisha Goyal, Khwaihsh Handoo, Drishti Agrawal

Teachers: Siddhi Agrawal, Charvi Rathi, Rithisha Goyal, Khwaihsh Handoo, Drishti Agrawal
Teachers: Divay Dua, Vincent Topno, Rajaindai Panmei, Rupali Sharma

This song captures the power of imagination where Aladdin, the protagonist, tries to teach his beloved Jasmine on how to imagine a whole new world devoid of any negativity or restrictions.The lyrics of the song ‘A whole new world’, brilliantly composed by Alan Menken, from the iconic 1992 feature film Aladdin. Performed in both Hindi and English, this whimsical song dares us to go out there and find a world that calls to us, our dreams passions, and aspirations.

Grand Finale
Musical Extravaganza

to Final Songs

FINAL song

“Circle of Life” / ”Krąg życia”

Text & music
Tim Rice, Elton John

Polish translation
Filip Łobodzińsk

Students: Punya Sharma, Dhanviee Misra, Nancy  Nanda, G. Pranav Bhardwaj, Mahi Prasad

Performed by
solo – Justyna Witek
choir – Olivia Andrews, G. Pranav Bhardwaj, Wiktoria Biegańska, Olivia Kalemba, Maria Galos, Dhanviee Misra, Nancy  Nanda, Mahi Prasad, Punya Sharma

Teachers: Divay Dua, Kaustav Ghosh, Eliah T Panmei

Our last rendition is a song that celebrates the marvel of this world…it echoes the sentiments behind the principle ‘Live and let live’. From the tiniest ant to the glorious sunlight the world is wondrous and magnificent. Everything is interconnected and this interconnectedness of being is what is called the circle of life. And all it takes for us to appreciate this circle of life is to be in the moment…seize the moment.

FINAL song

“Hakuna Matata”

Text & music
Tim Rice, Elton John

Performed by
Indo-Polish Young Artists & Teachers

The song Hakuna Matata teaches us not to be bogged down by the trials and tribulations of life, instead face it with fortitude.  As the lyrics go “No worries for the rest of your days” encapsulates the ethos of mindfully being in the present.


Musical extravaganza:
Beats of Harmony Concert

Special Credits


Founder Principal,
Prof. Jerzy Waligóra, PACK, Poland

Director Principal,
Ms Aditi Misra,
Delhi Public School Gurgaon, India

Conceptualisation and overall coordination

Ms Sapna Dhawan,
Dean Student Welfare, Delhi Public School, Gurgaon, India

Ms Anna Krzemińska-Kaczyńska,
Deputy Head School Engagements, PACK, Poland

Ms Mamta Kanti Kumar,
Deputy Dean Student Welfare, Delhi Public School, Gurgaon, India

Team-PACK Schools, Kraków, POLAND

Music Directors

Anna Kubica,
PACK schools, Poland, Music Teacher

Justyna Witek
PSP Academos, Poland, English Teacher

Audio Montage & Production

Mateusz Hrynkiewicz,
Krakowskie Centrum Artystyczne, Kraków, Poland

Young Artists

Olivia Andrews,
VIIIPALO, a student of pre-IBDP class

Wiktoria Biegańska,
VIIIPALO, a student of pre-IBDP class

Lilla Bobrowska,
PSP Academos, 6th grade student

Maria Galos,
VIIIPALO, 2nd grade student

Olivia Kalemba,
VIIIPALO, a student of pre-IBDP class

Franciszek Słoniowski,
VIIIPALO, a student of pre-IBDP class

Project Poster Designers

Maria Gołębiewska,
PSP Academos, 7th grade student

Zofia Tomalska,
Alumna of VIIIPALO

Sonia Stelmach,
VIIIPALO, 2nd grade student

Designing of PSP Academos & VIIIPALO LOGOS

Natalia Consigny,
VIIIPALO, 2nd grade student

Translation of VIIIPALO school anthem & its analysis, as well as, Polish songs: “So much sun in the whole city”, “Falling in love”

Justyna Witek,
English Teacher, PSP Academos


Team -Delhi Public School, Gurgaon, India

Content Visualization

Ms Sapna Dhawan,
Dean Student Welfare, Delhi Public School, Gurgaon, India


Ms Pooja Parwanda

Ms Rekha Ajay

Research and script

Ms Sriparna Ghosh


Punya Sharma
Aditya Arora
Daksh Arora
Srishti Narang
Varnika Khandelwal
Samya Kasibhatla
Shreshth Nigam

Project Direction and Editing

Mr Divay Dua

Young Artists

Siddhi Agrawal – class VI
Charvi Rathi –class VI
Rithisha Goyal – class VI
Naisha Chauhan – class VI
Ojas Sharma – class VI
Himank Khurana – class VII
Khwahish Handoo – class VII
Satwika Tadinada – class VII
Siddanth Srivastava – class VII
Drishti Agrawal – class VII
Arinjay Garg – class VIII
Bisman Singh Chopra – class VIII
Pulkit Sabharwal – class VIII
Parth Sharma – class VIII
Prapti Ghose – class VIII
Riddhima Mondal – class VIII
Gautam Achar – class IX
Geetika Kapoor – class IX
Aishwarya Venkata Subramanian – class IX
Ruth Kothari – class IX
Supriya Sundaram – class IX
Rhea Sara Vinu – class IX
Suhaani Dhaliwal – class IX
Eshannika Mishra – class X
Mahi Prasad – class X
Samya Kasibhatla – class XI
Punya Sharma – class XII
Nancy Nanda – class XII
G. Pranav Bhardwaj – class XII
Dhanviee Misra – class XII
Aarushi Garg – class XII

Training support by the Teachers

Mr Divay Dua
Mr  Kaustav Ghosh
Mr Eliah T Panmei
Mr Somesh Mishra
Mr Umashankar Joshi
Mr Vincent Topno
Mr Rajaindai Panmei
Mr Ravi Gangani
Ms Rupali Sharma


support of the Indo-Polish Music Project

Ms Alicja Zioło,
Kraków Storyteller, Poland


over The Beats of Harmony, in Harmony with Diversity of Indo-Polish Cultural Exchange Project 2021 from WorldLINK Foundation

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