The WorldLINK Foundation provides educational services on a global scale for students, parents, faculty and educators.

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Dear Students, feel invited for the EduGlobe Trip to Australia

Master Zhen Hua Yang invites Global Students, who cooperate with WorldLINK Foundation Poland to enjoy the study visit at Calligraphy Health Retreat Centre in Australia.
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A premiere of Indo-Polish Music Project Landing Page

Beats of Harmony, in Harmony with Diversity of Indo-Polish Cultural Exchange between VIIIPALO in Kraków & Delhi Public School Gurgaon in India. WorldLINK Foundation takes a patronage over the event. Visit our website on 31st August as a celebration of cultures.

A Global Student on a Hammock Workshops for High School Students - Individual Virtual Active Learning

Join an international, friendly group of charismatic trainers who are ready to show you innovative, critical, and design thinking strategies. And you will also get support in public speaking!

Horizons of the Self: Global Podcasts

The students of Delhi Public School Gurgaon India; Malpi International School, Nepal; VIIIPALO IB World School 006265 Poland; Pompano Beach High School and Wayne Community College, USA, with the mentorship of WorldLINK Foundation and support of the professional community, interview young people who have imagined new horizons. 

When the boundary in the known world . . .becomes instead a beckoning horizon, then a world one has never known becomes an integral part of one’s new universe.” 

Barry Lopez, in his acclaimed book Horizons, claims that to navigate this new space, memory and imagination must “come into play.”  These diverse perspectives offer listeners a network of possible futures and will inspire them to discover their own.  

Projects were supported by the  European Academy of Diplomacy, the Polish American Freedom Foundation, journalists Katarzyna Błaszczyk and Hanna Bogoryja-Zakrzewska (podcasts “Torba Reportera”), the English Teaching Program in Poland, the NIDA Foundation, the Lokmanya Golchha, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland in Kathmandu, the Kosciouszko Foundation in New York, U. S. Embassy in Warsaw, the U. S. Consulate in Krakow, and the U.S. State Department.

A special thanks in memory of Richard Lugar, US Senator, who personally supported the US-Poland Youth Leadership Parliamentary Program.  

100 years of Polish Independence
100 years of Polish-American Diplomatic Relations

NEW Collection of Essays AVAILABLE NOW!

Collection of Essays

Conversations in Education
Perspectives on COVID-19 Interruption from the International Community


Extraordinary stories begin with extraordinary people. As a child from a rural part of Poland, Kujawsko- Pomorskie, Anna Krzemińska-Kaczyńska saw her mother, Jolanta, teach geography and travel to learn about the world, and her father, Zdzisław, a master of interpersonal communication, build trust between himself and his clients.  We can imagine a young Ania saying, “I want to do that!” She found the world welcoming her with open arms and so she did!


We, at the WorldLINK Foundation, support parents’ efforts to connect young people to a global network of innovative ideas and international business partners, rigorous academics, impactful teachers, and service learning experiences.

  • We facilitate youth access to inclusive educational opportunities through academic programs, tutoring and the more open and flexible education systems of the future.
  • We support parents’ efforts to find a challenging and optimal educational path for their children.
  • We provide teachers from around the world a platform to voice their concerns and opinions, to share their vast experience, and to dispense knowledge.
  • This platform was created to inspire and enable young students to achieve their life goals.
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To transfom your children into tomorrow’s resilient and ethical leaders.


Our core values are ensuring program excellence, thinking critically, listening to diverse perspectives, customizing pathways for students, service learning, and building trust.


The WorldLINK Foundation relies on individuals, foundations, global partners and corporate contributions to develop their work in supporting social entrepreneurs around the world, and to further their vision of The Four Domains of Global Competence described by the Asia Society:

  • to investigate the world,
  • to recognize perspectives,
  • to communicate ideas,
  • to take action.

This approach not only makes global education accessible to all students, but also raises rigor and the relevance of real-world problem solving.

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The WorldLINK Foundation provides a Professional Diploma (upcoming soon). It also organizes highly informative sessions, webinars and seminars on important skill sets and on issues faced by the students, teachers, and parents around the globe.
#1 Professional Diploma (upcoming soon)

#2 Online sessions, webinars and seminars

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The WorldLINK Foundation tailors education to students’ specific needs.  Through consultation, parents and students are able to set goals with a counselor to ensure personal growth and prepare them to be a competent global student of the XXI century.
#Consultation for parents

#Consultation for students

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The WorldLINK Foundation provides programs in Europe, Asia and America.  Through visiting leading educational centers, these programs broaden students’ educational horizons.
Think Globally. Experience Personally. Act Locally.

on Earth?

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One day with a great teacher is better than a thousand days of diligent study.

Japanese Proverb

WorldLINK Foundation provides access to experienced teachers, trainers and leaders worldwide.

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Anna Krzemińska-Kaczyńska
Founder, CEO
Council of Advisors
Andrzej Pikulski
Chair of Council of Advisors
Mariana Nadolska
Business Projects Advisor
Education Department
Allyson Daly
Educational Programs and Projects Director
Mamta Kanti Kumar
Education Projects Expert
Aleksander Pikulski
Youth Leadership Program Assistant
Communications Department
Natasha Sharma
Strategy and Communications Director
Office Administration
Joanna Węgrzycka
Office Director
Rafał Pieprzyk
Head of Business Development
Friends of the WorldLINK Foundation
Barbara Michalak-Pikulska
Professor of Arabic Literature, Head of the Department of Arabic Language and Literature and Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies in the Jagiellonian University
Joe McNulty, PhD
International Program Coordinator for Educational Administration at the University of Nebraska, retired
Hudson B. Thomas
Principal Pompano Beach High School, Florida
Jerzy Waligóra
Professor of Polish Literature Founder and Director Principal of VIII Prywatne Akademickie Liceum Ogólnokształcące, IB World School 006265 in Kraków

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The WorldLINK Foundation is an ideal partner to achieve widespread social impact.

We pool the strengths of different stakeholders—civil society, social entrepreneurs, and private companies—through our innovative collaboration models.

We create win-win partnerships that anticipate students` needs and effectively respond to educational challenges.

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We wholeheartedly endorse the spirit and work of The WorldLINK Foundation.  (...)  Three of the WorldLINK mentor teachers are former State Department Teaching Grant recipients. They continue to distinguish themselves in the service of this collaborative endeavor to build understanding between cultures in the service of humanity...

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