EduGlobe to India and Nepal

Upcoming EduGlobe trip is planned to India and Nepal in 2023, June-July

Anna Krzemińska-Kaczyńska visited the Himalayan country of Nepal with a group of teachers and students from VIIIPALO, IB World School 006265 in Krakòw, Poland in 2018. At that time, the “Polish Himalayas 2018” project, commemorating the 100th anniversary of Polish independence and the mountaineers who died attempting to climb the highest mountains on Earth, was ongoing. It was a real honor to meet the Vice President of Nepal, the Polish Ambassador Adam Burakowski (who invited us to the official reception) and Polish Honorary Consul General in Kathmandu, Mr. Lokmanya Golchha. Mr. Golchha has been very instrumental in strengthening the bond between Nepal and Poland. The team from Kraków had the honour of being hosted by one of the leading schools of Nepal, Malpi International School. The school provides access to education of the highest quality. The educational approach is broad-based, balanced, interactive and global in dimension. The Polish team was impressed on both the counts, the educational approach and the overwhelming hospitality shown to them by the school community. The beauty of the natural wonders of Nepal and simplicity and openness of people was heartening. Meeting and conversing with philanthropist the Executive Director Jyoti Man Sherchan made the WorldLINK Foundation dream of organising EduGlobe to Nepal in 2023. The WorldLINK Foundation is looking for reliable partners to make this EduGlobe a reality in 2023 for the youth leaders of tomorrow-s world.

from Nepal

photos by Maria Baczkowska

Incredible India! Fascinated by the mighty Himalayas, the serene backwaters, the array of colours, variety of cuisine, diversity of culture, throbbing cities, the pulse of India, Anna Krzemińska-Kaczyńska fell in love with India. She dreamt of showcasing India to the globe. With this thought in mind The WorldLINK Foundation is planning to visit India and showcase its beauty and diversity. The itinerary will include the cities in the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Karnataka and Kerala in the year of 2023. Having experienced many memorable visits to these regions, Anna Krzemińska-Kaczyńska (the founder and CEO of the WorldLINK Foundation), with her partners from India Natasha Sharma (member of the WorldLINK Foundation Advisory Council, who is from India), are planning the EduGLobe Program to India. It will be a life opportunity to explore Incredible India and learn to appreciate and embrace diversity, the hallmark of a global student. At the moment, the WorldLINK Foundation is looking for supportive partners to implement this ambitious dream into reality. Interested educational institutions, socially responsible companies, business individuals and philanthropists are welcome to join our planning. More details are available at:

from India

photos by Łukasz Kaczyński

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