Professional Diploma UPCOMING

Professional Diploma in Leadership
of the Heart and Diplomacy for Youth

One year diploma program in leadership of the heart and diplomacy for students (age: 15-20)

To empower a new generation of students through an innovative annual training experience, ending with an Executive Diploma in the Art of Leadership of the Heart and Diplomacy.

A selected cohort of 50 promising, resilient students from Poland and abroad takes part in over 120 hours of lectures (spread over weekends for convenience), practical exercises, virtual study-visits and online personal leadership development groups.



about unique global initiatives – meeting with an inspirational leader.



your problem-solving, time management and leadership skills.



Discover the real world with study visits at leading academic institutions, top non-governmental organisations and global business offices.

The Professional Diploma in Leadership of the Heart and Diplomacy for Youth program is facilitated by our global partners.

It is accredited by WorldLINK Foundation`s Global Partners

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