Enjoy diving into the knowledge and experiences shared by the international teachers and their students.

Images of international Teaching Excellence Achievement (TEA) Teachers and their Students

Description: This collection of essays reveals the experiences of international teachers who traveled to the United States through grants from the U. S. Department of Cultural Affairs in order to learn best practices to take back to their home countries. These teachers from countries from Senegal to Peru, write from their diverse perspectives of their schools systems, what they learned from the U. S. system, and point to solutions to benefit all students. Upon their return home, they often wrote proposals to host American teachers in their schools. A photo gallery allows teachers to see many, varied educational settings. This book was funded by a U. S. State Department grant.

The Power of International Stories: Coming of Age in the Global Villages

Description: Through writing stories that reflected their culture or themselves, students became published authors. Their teachers placed these stories in their cultural context as well as were asked to contribute a statement or quote about the importance of stories. Students and teachers from four continents and nine countries contributed: Armenia, Bangladesh, Colombia, Estonia, Georgia, India, Poland, Russia, and the United States, to demonstrate the power of story as these adolescents are coming of age in our global village. This book was funded by a U. S. State Department grant.

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