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Education is the Key to Success,
Polish-American Seminar in Kraków, Poland

On behalf of the Alumni Association, the creative director of the WorldLINK Foundation organized a Polish-American Seminar for High School students (2019, Kraków, Poland) entitled “Education is the Key to Success.” A grant from the U. S. The Embassy in Warsaw funded the Alumni Association’s efforts to popularize the 100-year history of Polish-American friendship, and knowledge of contemporary America among Polish youth.

The seminar was successfully organized thanks to the networking platform of the WorldLINK Foundation and its partners.

To the contributors for this event:

With the WorldLINK Foundation and its partners, I had the honor and pleasure to host “Education is the Key to Success.”

I would like to express my gratitude to the U. S. Embassy in Warsaw and the U. S. Consulate General in Krakow for donating the funds to make our program possible.

Thank you to our extraordinary speakers:
  • Izabela Bartnicka, Head of Business Development of Digital University
  • Don Allen, Artistic Director of the “English Touring Theatre Company”
  • Aleksander Pikulski, President of the Student of Arabic Faculty Club at Jagiellonian University
  • Grzegorz Nawrocki, Journalist and the Board Member of the British Alumni Society in Poland Iwona Sadecka, Media and Culture Advisor, U.S. Consulate in Kraków, Poland
  • Maria Brzostek, Educational Advisor, U.S. Consulate in Kraków, Poland
  • Maja Meissner, Founder and Managing Partner of Meissner & Partners
  • Jolanta Kulik, Founder and Partner at Young Talent Management and Oxford MasterClass for “bringing the world” to our students.
My personal gigantic thank you also extends to our supporting institutions:
  • Stowarzyszenie Alumni
  • DigitalUniversity
  • British Alumni Society Poland
  • Uniwersytet Jagielloński
  • EnglishTutoringTheatreCompany
  • Meissner&Partners
  • Young Talent Management

as well as to a group of gifted students from Fifteen Minutes After Music Band for their professional support.

Last but not LEAST, the WorldLINK Foundation says THANK you to Ewelina Wachulec, our Project Manager from Digital ABB and to Mirosław Bistroń, Group Leader, Digital ABB for letting our students have a VIP Study Tour and IT workshop in High-tech Solutions Showroom of Common Development Centre, Digital ABB in Kraków, Poland.

Myself & WorldLINK Foundation also send regards to Ela Raczkowska, CEO of Vital Voices Program Chapter Poland, for connecting people, ideas and Innovative programs within Vital Voices Chapter Poland

You are all making a change at local and global scales.


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